Hopes for 2016 – Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 of Hopes for 2016, click here.

6  Duke of Edinburgh Bronze – This year we are re-launching our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award programme after taking a group through DofE Silver in 2015. Duke of Edinburgh offers young people a fantastic opportunity to gain a recognized award which challenges them to learn new skills and work as part of a team. Expeditions will begin in summer 2016.

7  To continue providing quality youth work, every day, in our state of the art centre – This may sound like an obvious one, but a vital part of our work is that we offer support 5 days a week for young people by being open Monday to Friday. By offering young people a safe place to go every day after school, we can build strong relationships and understand their needs, which allows us to start gender and needs specific projects which support other areas of their life.

8  To expand Allsaints Coffee Shop – One of the most exciting things we’ve done since we launched in 2005 is create our first social enterprise, Allsaints Coffee Shop. Allsaints has employed 5 young people so far and has also allowed more people to use and access our building. Now that Allsaints is established, we are aiming to grow the business by offering more catering for events and meetings in the local area, so please keep us in mind as we offer a great product and all profits go back into providing more jobs for local young people.

9 Christian Faith projects –  As a Christian organisation, our faith plays an important part in our ethos and aims. We offer several Christian faith projects to young people who wish to learn more, and we are excited about taking new groups of young people to visit youth conference and churches this year to help them learn more and explore their faith in different ways.

10 Young people taking the lead – It’s vital that young people can take ownership of the youth work they are involved in, and we want to encourage more participation than ever. This includes asking young people to write and completed feedback surveys every term, and joining the re-launched BFree Youth Council which will offer 2 young people from each year group the chance to attend a meeting every half-term to decide what activities are offered and how to spend the BFree Youth Café budget.

Thanks for reading! These are just 10 things we are hopeful about achieving this year, and we can’t wait for 2016 to unfold.

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