Joe Crome moving on to pastures new

As one of our key supporters and a friend of LYP we have exciting news to share with you.

For the last 4 years Joe Crome, our General Manager, has been very successfully leading the LYP team, through a number of changes of staff, roles and activities.  Joe has accepted an excellent opportunity to start working for the Community Foundation for Surrey as their Director of Philanthropy. All of us at LYP are very pleased for Joe who will be able to use all his skills in the new role and we see that this will build on the already strong relationship which exists between LYP and the Foundation. The Directors and staff of LYP will work hard to make sure that we continue to provide an excellent service to the young people of Leatherhead, Bookham and across Mole Valley during this transition.

LYP under Joe’s leadership has become recognised as one of the leading providers of youth work in Surrey, recognised for the high quality of work, reliability and commitment to providing the best opportunities for our young people. We are committed to continue this development and to keep improving.

This is a very exciting opportunity for Joe, Jude and the girls and we all at LYP wish them every success, as they move onto a new phase of their lives supporting the communities across Surrey. Jude will continue to be an important part of the LYP team as our One to One counselling service Manager.

Doug Waters, Chairman of the LYP Board of Directors has issued the following statement on behalf of the LYP Board:
The LYP Board of Directors wish to inform you that Joe Crome, our General Manager, has resigned and will leave the charity in December to take up a position with the Community Foundation for Surrey. We are delighted that Joe has this opportunity to progress his career and we will support him in the transition.

The Board is aware that Joe has held an extremely important role for the charity over the last few years and he will be greatly missed by the staff, our funders, the Directors and the young people. The Directors are reviewing the impact on the charity, discussing how to manage Joe’s departure, while ensure we continue to provide excellent service to the young people of Leatherhead.

LYP has been delivering youth work for over 12 years and the Board of Directors and the staff are committed to ensuring we continue supporting the young people of Leatherhead, Bookham and Mole Valley for many years to come and hope that we can rely on your continued support.

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