Romania 2016

FullSizeRenderRomania trips have become a hugely important part of our youth work continuum in Leatherhead. If the word continuum seems a bit out of place, see this post: LYP Continuum.

We’ve been taking young people to Romania since 2011 – our young people help us lead summer camps and activities for children in several very impoverished villages in Transylvania. The trips offer an amazing leadership opportunity for young people we’ve been working with in Leatherhead, and they always step up and help make a massive difference to the Romanian communities we visit.

This year a group of 13 from Leatherhead travelled to Romania on 31st July for a 6 day experience. Whilst we normally run a large summer camp for over 50 Romanian young people, unfortunately this year funds did not allow this level of activity. Instead, we spent time within the villages, offering games and activities and generally bringing fun and building relationships with the local people. We were able to run a fantastic day trip for over 30 children to the Targu Mures zoo – something that these children had never done before.

It is important that our young people are ready for the experience that Romania provides, which is why we only invite young people aged 16 and over. This is an important life stage for a young person; they are finding out who they are, the choices they want to make and the impact they have on the world. We have found previously that these Romania trips may be the first time a young person has looked at themselves and said “I’m going to be one of those people who makes a positive difference to the world”. Maybe before the trip, they’ve not thought about life in those terms. But once you’re there, once you’re connecting with people who have nothing and building relationships (sometimes without even a common language) which become lifelong friendships, you suddenly have a new perspective on life. It happens to each of us, no matter how many times we visit Romania. We leave as changed people.

We are incredibly proud of our young people and we will continue to plan more trips and opportunities in Romania. Thank you for all those who donated and sponsored our young people as they fundraised for this trip – I can assure you that it was worth every penny.




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