What We Do

LYP is a youth charity in Surrey, offering a diverse range of projects which provide holistic and long-term support to local young people. These projects each aim to address a particular local need, and all contribute towards achieving our vision of all young people being safe, happy and making positive changes in their lives and the community around them.

Bfree Youth Café

BFree is our relational hub, open every day after school for local young people aged 11-17. The aim of BFree is to provide a safe, positive space for young people to meet friends, enjoy activities & games, and get to know our youth workers. BFree allows our team to build positive relationships with local young people, and by doing so we can understand their needs and support them in other areas of their lives. Our team can help with counselling, careers advice, and support with learning specific skills and AQA awards.


BFree is open Monday-Friday from 3:15 until 6:15pm (and until 8pm on Fridays), and is currently attended by approximately 70 different young people every week. Each week we run competitions, arts & crafts, and 5-A-Day, our Friday afternoon healthy cooking project. Our state of the art space is equipped with 6 iMac computers, a pool table, 4 games consoles and the Allsaints coffee shop.

Young people can get involved with the running of BFree by joining the BFree Youth Council, which meets every 6 weeks to discuss how BFree should be run and to plan events.


If you are interested in volunteering with us at BFree, please get in touch.


In September 2015 LYP launched the new Mole Valley One-to-One Service, which will offer Counselling or Mentoring to young people referred to us by Surrey’s Youth Support Service. This service is part of Surrey County Council’s Early Help initiative, aiming to provide early intervention before a young person requires specialist support.

Although this service is referral based with priority given to the Youth Support Service, please contact us if you are seeking support for a young person aged 11-18.

Our One to One service is headed up by Jude Crome and Alex Ball, who have both been supporting local young people through One to One services for 8 years. Please contact us to find out more.


In 2017, LYP launched Bookham Youth Project, in partnership with three Bookham Churches. This work will involve running open access youth provision within Bookham Youth Centre, as well as offering detached youth work, work within local schools including Howard of Effingham, and faith courses in partnership with the local churches.

Oli Bell is heading up Bookham Youth Project and can be contacted by emailing oli@leatherheadyouthproject.com

Total Football

Total Football is a friday night community football league held at Therfield School in Leatherhead for local young people aged 11-16. Young people enter teams of 6 players and compete in six week leagues to become the overall winners. The project, which launched in 2007, has become a huge success and now attracts 55 young people every week. We launched Total Football in response to growing levels of anti-social behavior amongst young people who had “nothing to do” on Friday evenings.

Total Football is run by young people who used to take part in the project, who help by setting up the equipment and refereeing the games. In return, we support them to completing Football Coaching and Refereeing Courses with Surrey FA.

In 2014 Total Football was the winner of the High Sheriff Youth Project of the Year award at Surrey Sports Awards, and in 2015 won a Commendation Award from the National Crimebeat Awards.

Upcoming dates for Total Football in 2016 – October 7th to November 18th.

Making Good

Making Good offers young people the chance to give back to their community by taking part in social action volunteering activities during the half term. This usually involves projects such as conservation work, litter picks, painting or clearing community areas. On the third day of the project, young people enjoy a trip as a team building reward, and past trips have included trampolining at Gravity Force, going to the cinema, and bowling.

Girls Group

Girls Group is a regular session which engages young women ages 14-17 with issues affecting them in a fun and interactive way. The girls who take part in the project are actively involved in planning the sessions and suggesting topics for the group, which have included self esteem, sexual health and internet safety. Our sessions use creative methods to help young women learn and interact with relevant subjects, including group discussions, cooking, and crafts.

Miss BLISS is the name of our session for young girls aged 11-14, which is more activity based and includes trips during the half-term breaks. The aim of Miss BLISS is to build positive relationships with the girls and help raise their self esteem through fun, engaging activities.

Schools work

LYP is proud to partner with local primary and secondary schools in the local area.

Therfield School

We offer One-to-One sessions to students at Therfield School with a male and female youth worker based in the school twice a week. One-to-One support is a vital part of how we help local young people. Many young people struggle with issues which deeply affect them, including family breakdown, self-harm, depression and bullying. Between our team, we deliver over 300 hours of one-to-one throughout each academic year. This support helps young people understand and deal with issues they are facing, and ultimately helps them to focus on positive activities such as education and their own development.

In addition to this support, we also provide group work programmes to students at Therfield based on particular issues facing local young people.


Leatherhead Trinity School

We work closely with Trinity School by providing a range of different activities for their students.

Our Early Intervention Mentoring scheme provides trained volunteer mentors who are matched with vulnerable students who would benefit from one-to-one support. The mentoring continues throughout the school year and focuses on working towards mini goals which help the young person achieve positive steps forwards with things like behavior, school work, wellbeing etc. The scheme launched in 2013 and continues to be a success.

Our youth worker Jay also runs two Forest School sessions each week within the school, helping students to learn outdoor skills in a fun and interactive way.

We also run an annual transition scheme with Leatherhead Trinity, which helps prepare year 6 students with the upcoming transition to secondary education.


BLAZE is a project for local boys aged 11-15. We originally launched BLAZE in 2008 as a social action project; young men would take part in community volunteering, such as gardening for the elderly, and in return we would run ‘reward’ trips and boys nights to build a positive community around the lads taking part.

We relaunched BLAZE in 2015 under the leadership of Martin Fuller; Martin originally took part in BLAZE as a youngster, and now as a qualified youth worker he runs the project and is inspiring the next generation of local boys.

BLAZE involves fortnightly boys nights at BFree Youth Cafe, sports, trips, and we will soon be re-launching the community volunteering aspect of the project.

Into The Wild

Into The Wild is a project to help young people experience the outdoors and enjoy the local countryside, by providing an expedition which includes wild camping in hammocks and learning survival skills. 

Our first expedition took place on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th June, and was an amazing experience. Read about it below!

Into The Wild expedition offers young people a new experience


Aspire is about helping young people plan for their future and find the education or employment they are looking for. Many young people in our community finish education with low or no qualifications, resulting in a number of young people becoming NEET in our area. Our aim is to come alongside young people to raise their confidence and aspirations and help them to fulfill their potential.

We work with young people aged 15-20 who are NEET or unsure about their future, by helping them to create CVs, finding and applying for apprenticeships and employment, and supporting them to gain qualifications to boost their CV, such as AQA awards, Duke of Edinburgh, and First Aid certificates.

Between 2013-2015, Aspire worked with 120 young people. Each one of those young people finished with a CV full of experience, and we helped find an apprenticeship or job for 60 of these young people.

If you are a local employer who might be interested in taking on a young apprentice, please get in touch.

Romance Academy

In 2016 we are proud to have launched Romance Academy courses in Leatherhead.

Romance Academy, designed by YouthScape, is a ten week course which helps young people learn and and talk about relationships, sex, consent, choice and more. It is a brilliant resource which allows youth workers to engage young people in reflecting and talking about these issues in a safe environment, and the results have been fantastic so far.

We launched our first course in partnership with Therfield School in 2016 and would like to work with more secondary schools to ensure young people across Mole Valley have access to this fantastic project.


Since 2012, we have been taking young people from Leatherhead to help serve poor communities in Romania. We partner with Heart for Romania and Dare to Dream, both of whom work within some of the poorest villages in Transylvania; many living without running water, toilets or electricity.

Each year we run a summer camp for over 50 Roma teenagers, providing them with a fun holiday and access to leisure facilities which they normally wouldn’t have. These trips are life changing for both sets of young people.

Our teams from Leatherhead are mostly made up of young people aged 16-19 who have been involved with our youth projects for a number of years. The Romania trip gives them a chance to visit a culture which is much poorer than theirs, and experience new language, food and ways of living.

Freestyle Camp

Freestyle is an annual youth camp which provides over 40 local young people with an action packed time away from home during the easter holidays. The camp has been running for 9 years, and offers 4 days of games, swimming, sports, workshops and the legendary talent show.

Freestyle is one of our most popular projects and gives local young people fantastic memories.


We would like to thank the Community Foundation for Surrey for providing funding for this project.


Faith work

LYP is a Christian-faith based organisation, and as such as we run a number of activities and projects which support the growth of the Christian faith.

Triumph AM is a fortnightly project which provides an interactive time of learning about faith and enjoying fun activities.

We also currently run a fortnightly cell group (food, fun and some bible study) for young people aged 11-17. This takes place at BFree Youth Cafe and is run by Martin Fuller and the LYP team.

Our team also run Youth Alpha courses for local young people.

Each summer we take groups of young people to Soul Survivor, a contemporary Christian festival which includes modern worship music and teaching relevant to young people.


For a number of years we had dreamed about starting a business which could employ local young people who had not been able to find a job elsewhere.

After thinking about our skills and the space we have, we decided to launch a speciality coffee shop from our own building, and in October 2014 Allsaints was opened to the public.

Allsaints is run by Matt Fleming and staffed by 3 young apprentices, who will work with us for one year, earning money and achieving their apprenticeship in customer service.

Allsaints has meeting rooms and hot desking available for hire in Leatherhead. Please contact us for more information.

To find out more about Allsaints, please visit the Allsaints website.

Park Life

Park Life is our Summer activities programme. Each year during the summer holidays, our team runs a programme of events to keep young people involved with positive activities during their break.

Park Life includes sports activities on the local recreation grounds in Leatherhead and weekly trips to the beach and other attractions.

How you can help to create change


Your donation will go straight into helping us run projects for local young people.

An example of how your donation will help...

£20 covers a 5-A-Day healthy eating session at BFree.
£50 covers our football equipment for a term of Total Football.
£100 pays for 6 one-to-one sessions between a youth worker and young person.

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We are always looking for volunteers who can help us with the work we do.

Suitable volunteers will need to be able to relate young people and build positive relationships with them. Please contact us for a role description and to talk more about this if you are interested in volunteering.

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We always welcome help with fundraising.

We have previously benefitted from individuals completing sponsored events on our behalf, such as Runs and Triathlons. If you would like to raise funds for us, please contact us to discuss this further.

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