Success Stories

We have the privilege of supporting hundreds of local young people in different areas of their lives.
On this page we will be sharing stories of young people we’ve been able to support who have made fantastic progress in their lives. Please note that some names have been changed to protect identity.

Chloe’s Story

I started attending Bfree in year 7, aged 11. I’d first heard about it through friends, and my twin brother had started attending, and I then heard about it through the careers fair at school where the youth workers talked…

Mary Jean’s Story

I first attended BFree when I was in year 6. I wasn’t old enough to attend so I sneaked in by putting a Therfield jumper on! When I was in year 7, a close friend of mine went to BFree…

Harriet’s Story

Harriet grew up in North Leatherhead, living with her single mum and two older brothers. Her brothers had both attended LYP projects and had really enjoyed being involved with the charity, so Harriet got involved as soon as she was…

Jude’s Story

Our LYP Aspire project is about helping young people plan for their future and find the education or employment they are looking for. 17-year-old Jude self-referred to the LYP Aspire project to help him build a CV to find work alongside…

Matt’s Story

Matt grew up in Leatherhead, attended local schools and was a popular lad in the community. After moving to secondary school at Therfield, Matt was introduced to Bfree, an after school drop-in youth cafe run by LYP for local young…

Jason’s story

The LYP One to One scheme launched in September 2015 and has been successfully delivering counselling and mentoring to young people during the last school year. Travelling throughout Mole Valley, our team meet with those whose needs are considered early…

Tom’s story

Tom first came into contact with Leatherhead Youth Project in 2007, aged 11. His older brother had been attending BFree Youth Café on a daily basis as they had a difficult home-life and enjoyed the facilities on offer at BFree….

Liam’s story

Liam has attended LYP youth projects from the age of 13, having first got involved with our Friday night Total Football project at Therfield School in Leatherhead. Liam enjoyed getting to know new friends and building relationships with local youth…

Martin’s story

Martin grew up attending LYP projects, and after many years of being actively involved in our work, is now employed as one of our youth workers. Read on to find out about Martin’s journey… Martin grew up in North Leatherhead,…

Alice’s story

This story is about Alice, who LYP has supported with one-to-one help, and is written by a member of our team. Alice is a student at Therfield School, she is in year 11 and sitting her exams this Summer. Alice was referred…

How you can help to create change


Your donation will go straight into helping us run projects for local young people.  For example...

£20 covers a 5-a-day healthy eating session

£50 covers a Girls Group session for 50 girls

£100 pays for 6 One to One counselling sessions



We are recruiting for volunteers now! Volunteers help us deliver almost everything we do.

You will need to be able to relate to young people, build positive relationships with them and buy into our teamwork approach.  Please contact us for a role description and to talk more about this if you are interested.

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We always welcome help with fundraising.

We have previously benefitted from individuals completing sponsored events on our behalf, such as Runs, Cycles and Triathlons. If you would like to raise funds for us, please contact us to discuss this further.

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